How to choose a pillow2

The ideal pillow that has a therapeutic effect on cervical spondylosis is a thermal compression foam pillow. Generally, people with poor cervical spine choose Kangjin Shule pillows made of thermal compression foam pillows, because the shape of the pillow must first conform to the normal physiology of the human body. The curve makes it return to the normal physiological curve of the respiratory tract regardless of lying on the back, side, cervical spine during sleep. At the same time, the supporting force and softness of the pillow are more stable than the slow rebound memory pillow because of the use of a special sponge that is thermally compressed under high temperature. , In line with ergonomic principles, combined with the magnetic therapy formed by NdFeB magnetic ore, it is more conducive to improving cervical discomfort, effectively promoting blood circulation, eliminating neck fatigue and soreness, and reducing unnecessary turning over during sleep.

For those with movement disorders, the film shows a herniated cervical disc and/or bone hyperplasia on the posterior edge of the vertebral body, which may constitute direct compression of the spinal cord. The pillow can be slightly lower, but the head and neck should not be tilted back excessively; for limb numbness, etc. Sensory disturbances are the main ones. For those who are suspected of compressing the spinal cord by the posterior ligament of the spinal canal, the pillow can be slightly higher; for developmental cervical spinal stenosis and bone hyperplasia at the posterior edge of the vertebral body, the pillow should be in physiological position; ankylosing spondylitis should be maintained in the early stage In the neutral position. In order to effectively maintain the physiological flexion of the cervical spine and fully relax the neck muscles, the pillow should be adjusted to a saddle-like shape with low middle, high ends, slightly higher neck and shoulder margins, and low opposing margins, which is often referred to as a B-shaped pillow. .

There is a lot of knowledge when choosing pillows

To choose the right pillow, we must first understand the correct pillow method. Although it is said to be a “pillow”, the “neck pillow” is actually the correct one. It should be the neck that rests between the back of the head and the shoulders, which supports the neck during deep sleep. When lying on your back, the highest point of the pillow should be in the middle of the back of the neck to support the neck curvature and maintain the physiological curvature of the neck. The lowest point of the pillow is the back of the head; when lying on the side, the pillow supports the side of the neck. It is possible to keep the spine in a straight line when viewed from the front and normal S-shape (in line with the physiological curve) when viewed from the side. The health-care pillow is more in line with the physiological curve of the human body in its “high front and low back” shape. During sleep, the pillow fits well with the cervical spine and supports the cervical spine. It is more suitable for people who like to lie on their back.


At present, the pillows are filled with various materials, such as chemical fiber, latex, down, buckwheat hulls…Different materials have different rebound times, and the better rebound time is 3-5 seconds. Pillows have a service life, ranging from six months to three years. After a long period of use, problems such as loss of elasticity, aging, and mites will occur. Among them, chemical fiber pillows are the most common, but they are not very breathable, especially after a few months of use, they are easy to be compacted and deformed. Down pillows are relatively soft and comfortable to sleep, but it is difficult to maintain a certain height. It is recommended to use it with a harder pillow.

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