How to clean the beauty egg

Makeup eggs are a product that we all use for makeup. There are many kinds of make-up eggs on the market, but the effects are the same. After using the makeup egg, cleaning is indispensable. Do you know how to clean the makeup egg? Today, I will introduce you to the cleaning steps of the beauty egg. If you don’t know, please take a look.

How to clean the beauty egg

The first step: Put the beauty egg under the water flow and pinch it a few more times to get out all the dirty stuff in the beauty egg;

Step 2: Pinch the water in the beauty egg to half dry, then squeeze some detergent or soap on it, squeeze it in the palm of your hand, don’t twist it, otherwise it will damage the shape of the beauty egg;

Step 3: Finally, squeeze it under running water while rinsing it until there is no foam. If you feel that it is not clean, you can repeat the above steps. All the beauty eggs can be washed in this way.

It is best to change the beauty egg every two months and wash it 2-3 times a week. It is best not to use it for too long, otherwise it will produce bacteria. When cleaning, the beauty egg is the same as the air cushion. Try not to rub it too hard and do not use your nails to pick it up. This will damage its surface and affect the degree of compliance when applying makeup. If the makeup egg cannot be cleaned, it will easily become moldy. The use of such a makeup egg will cause skin problems and affect our health.

Make-up eggs need to be stored in a dry and ventilated environment, so a long-term moist bathroom is definitely not suitable. If it is a humid and sealed environment, the make-up eggs are prone to mold and shorten the service life.

Post time: May-27-2021